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You might wonder how I exist. Err...good question. Difficultly I suppose. It's quite painful when people don't take me seriously as an engineer because they only see a well-dressed girl. It's equally painful when people think I must be some square, boring engineer because I go to MIT. I hate stereotypes. This hatred partially inspired me to create this blog. I became too tired of having so few examples of fashionable EEs to look up to. So here - look! I exist!

Another reason for my existence is my upbringing. I have a wonderful father who instilled a great sense of fashion in me as a baby (we still go shopping together to this day). I have the best and weirdest mentors (Shane Colton and Charles Guan). And lastly, I have the oddest and most inspiring workspace called MITERS.

Without these contributions to my life, I would've turned out just another fashion designer or just another electrical engineer, but certainly not some hybrid of the two. I'd feel dishonest claiming I'm one or the other, and these days I find myself saying I'm an artist who deals with math, electricity, clothes, and makeup.

Anyway, if you've inquiries ranging from technical projects to clothes to MIT, please feel free to email t3chnolochic@mit.edu. I'll probably reply unless you're spam.

Qiaodan (Jordan) Jin Stone

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