Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fashion 2010 (I'll try to stop whining)

So I haven't actually been using this blog for any fashion and since I'm stuck in Minnesota, might as well. Anonymous angst certainly has its cathartic perks, but regardless, how am I going to re[de]fine fashion engineering with that kind of an attitude? 

Nonetheless dear reader, you will still find dramatic, confusing, depressing, and sometimes clever bull on here more often than not, but for now I'll show you some of the fashion I've discovered this past year (and wank just a little more). 

Alexander McQueen, your death frightened me unimaginably. Because of you, I've realized my heroes are mortal. Of course Feynman's been dead for a couple of decades, but never was I there to witness it. The deaths of my idols I noted with passing awareness, but they were always overshadowed by their deeds. Yours was the first I saw on CNN and during which cried about in physics. Mr. McQueen, you were one of my inspirations for coming to MIT and for going into the nascent field of wearable technology. It kills me to know there will never be an opportunity for me to thank you. 

Regardless, Sarah Burton has, in my opinion, done a good job designing pieces that are a tribute to not only McQueen but the McQueen sensibility. The other-worldliness, wildness, and forever costume-esque were prevalent and it was just delicate and lovely. I expect good things to come from this house. Ms. Burton seems up to the challenge. 

Long Live the McQueen.

From the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. 

By the way, I liked the collection so much, 2/3 of it is up here. Haha.