Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spark 2011

Every semester I try my best to teach a Splash/Spark class on fashion engineering. Why? Partially because I wish I had someone to believe in during high school. I try to fill the void of my own personal role model by being her. Of course, there are issues with this. For example, sometimes my life can feel stupidly meta. Nonetheless, obscure dreams tend to make things difficult when planning out classes, careers, departments. Honestly, were it not for the MIT Media Lab, I don't think I would've stayed with engineering. Until I learned to blend fashion and EE, I was hopelessly trying to find elegance. However, I'm too concrete to enjoy theory; layers upon layers of abstraction frustrate me, regardless of their inherent beauty. I like pictures, visual data, something I can engineer with my own hands. 

I was never going to be a theorist. 

Anyway, here are the slides from my 2011 Spark class on fashion engineering. Mind you, this was for 7th-12th graders, but cutesy can be refreshing from time to time. It's a shame I didn't write notes for it, but hopefully you can glean some information from it. Also, I demo-ed my EL glasses. They were a major hit. Huzzah!