Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things That Are Entertaining :P

Term started (booooo) but I'm pretty excited about classes :D I get to take another lab class from my favorite professor so far, Steve Leeb, but this time on microcontrollers (6.115). I've had some experience with Atmel products, but only at a high level. Most of it was attempting to write C/developing Arduino boards at the Media Lab. Arduino actually uses Atmegas, both 168 and 328 chips. However, most of the programming is an Arduino developed IDE which basically uses pseudo-Java (Processing). Now I'm writing in Assembly, a low-level machine language. The last time I touched Assembly was during 6.004 where everyone makes a beta processor. However, that's written in wannabe Verilog, and you don't write in Assembly until like half-way through the semester.

Anyway, what I've learned so far is that stacks are hard and you can't mess with them too badly or else all the sadness happens. :(

I miss compliers SOOOOOO MUCH.

Also, I twerked segboard again for MIT Techfair. Check out some video of its new lolzy wireless remote.

Did you know that the interfacing with wireless wii nunchuks depends a lot on the nunchuk? Different brands will have different communication setups, so that really, really, really sucks. However, there exists a good amount of documentation in case you run into trouble. I used a Nyko Kama Wireless Wii Nunchuk for segboard.

*Sigh* Now back to my daily amount of Institute hosage.