Saturday, January 22, 2011

More fashion than your body has room for!

Some of the more inspiring images I've found.

Thierry Mugler:

Mugler's menswear 2010 FW is what I think every men's collection should be. Fantastical with a costume feel. *swoons*

Here are some SS from Mugler I also liked. Happy colors make me happy.

One piece from the Mugler's women's SS caught my eye. Black on black may be more common, but white on white is pretty damn striking.

Also these two pieces from FW looked so aristocratic.


The unintentional Space Invaders theme had me laughing, but overall thought the shininess was edgy. Best of all are the cut-outs/overall geometry. These patterns have been popping up around stores. It's nice to see a source of their inspiration.

Alexander Wong:

Ann Demeulemeester:

Hmm. I guess the lesson to be learned is that I'm still kinda goth at heart. Old habits die hard. At least I try to be classy. Yay?


Bottega Veneta:




Ah! Dior's Fall 2010 was one of my favorites of the year. I'm such an aristocrat at heart. Galliano's such a character. I love it!

And then comes their fall couture and *sighs* it's all so amazing! Ironically enough, they're all flower inspired. 

And then the pre-fall was military chic with some 1920s flavor.

Then there's the mad Europeans of the spring couture. 

Christopher Kane:

The odd shapes of these picnic print dresses made me chuckle. Reminded me of a strangely sexualized caricature of America.

Comme Des Garçons:

I've never seen them put out anything normal and sometimes their pieces are just plain unattractive, but the idea behind them nevertheless is valuable. This brand truly represents fashion for fashion's sake. 

Derek Lam:

Both Lam and Hermès seemed to have adopted the leather cowboy look. It does look nice. 


Again, the cowboy leather look but with more of a Spanish feel. 

And then it became androgynous.


Here's the cowboy remix again. Good thing cowboys are attractive.

Vena Cava:

Vena Cava followed this trend too.

Dolce & Gabbana:

So let's switch gears and look at some couture again. 

Jean Paul Gaultier: 

John Galliano:

Meadham Kirchhoff:

Roberto Cavalli:


Oscar de la Renta:

Louis Vuitton:

Marc Jacobs:

Zac Posen:



Martin Margiela:


Prabal Gurung:

Haider Ackmann:

Rick Owens:

Richard Nicoll:

Rag & Bone: 

Military chic is timeless, but camo? Errr... well in very least it's not digi-camo?

Junya Watanabe:

Hoever, if there's one thing I must admit, camo does look cool. 


Michael Kors:


Ralph Lauren: