Monday, August 22, 2011

Giant Leaf Planetarium?

As some of you know, I've spent the last ~2 weeks working on a giant leaf planetarium! Basically, I walked into IKEA one day and saw these giant leaf canopies for your bed!

They're huge!

The nice thing is that you can attach it to anything! The mount IKEA sells you is made specifically for walls, but with a little ingenuity, you can manage other places as well. You might even be able to use them as a bussle for a dress.

Anyway, this got me thinking about what I could do with them. I mean really, there was no way I wasn't going to somehow hack it. As I was sitting under my leaf one day, I realized, it would make a super awesome planetarium! Plus, it would be a wonderful demonstration of etextiles outside the domain of wearables.

Long story short, 400 ft of fiber optics, 6 power LEDs, and a lilypad arduino later, I present to you, my giant twinkling leaf planetarium.

If you're interested in making one, check out my instructable for it! It was featured by instructables! Also look around the site in general. It's full of awesome projects, from food to microcontrollers. :P


Laser Art is fun. Also yay MIT!

Hope you feel a little more inspired today!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011