Monday, November 5, 2012

The Complementary Filter for Dummies

For 6.UAT (Undergrad Presentation Class), I had to give a talk to high schoolers about some technical subject. Since BabyCopter and Segboard both need to measure angle, I talked about the complementary filter. Here is my lolzy presentation. I tried to put it on youtube to preserve my multiple animations (a picture's worth a thousand words, an animation's worth ten thousand). If it's too fast, spacebar is your best friend.


First off, Babycopter's alive again somehow. Although it might be about 20-30% hot glue... I'm not quite good at flying yet. I'm no Ryan Archer (so Shane is flying it).

Basically there is this super baller guy named kapteinkuk (translate his name from Norwegian haha), who wrote a flight controller in atmel assembly because C was too annoying for him. Kinda lolzy but true story bro. He's completely awesome and created the KK flight controller series which can be purchased from hobbyking. I suggest looking at the KK2 board which has all the assembly code under the "files" tab. 

I also will make Y6 before I die because I keep putting it off. However, I want another quad that isn't structurally made of hot glue first, so I bought the another frame from hobbyking. So yeah, prolly will have a TalonBaby before Y6.

Also, name suggestions for Y6? I'd like something with the baby motif...