Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hunt for the cheapest!

I haven't done any fashion posts for a while and I feel deprived (especially with all the Segboard posts lately). I'm going to show you 2 pairs of shoes that I find similar.

Jimmy Choo Glitter Pumps
Urban Outfitters Glitter Pumps
The question "Am I going to buy an IMU or a pair of shoes?" probably isn't asked by many engineers or fashionistas. I don't meet many people here at MIT who care about fashion. In fact, there's almost an "anti-culture" of dressing up (I'm generalizing, but still). In one sense, practicality drives this trend. You can't wear a chiffon anything while messing with motor grease. However, I try to dress well regardless (just bring another set of clothes or dress differently those days), but most people are either too lazy or too "counter-fashion". Anyway, main point - I like dressing nicely even if a lot of engineers don't and I think it's perfectly fine to be smart and chic.

Nonetheless, I am also really cheap. I almost have to pick between 2 types of tools. Do I buy clothes or parts? The point of the pictures was to show the silliness of price. The Jimmy Choos are $745 and the ones from Urban Outfitters are $49. I'm the type of girl who will go for cheaper if they're similar enough (if you want even cheaper go on ebay). When push comes to shove and you've got to pick between parts for your segway skateboard or nice shoes, the going gets tough :P Basically, always look for the best bargain! 

End rant. 

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